Rare Arabian leopard spotted in Dhofar mountains

“An Arabian leopard enjoys the charm of nature and the picturesque ambiance of the khareef season in Dhofar as a result of conservation and protection efforts.”

“Known locally in the Dhofar Mountains as ‘Qadr, these endangered animals are active mostly at night due to relatively cooler temperatures, with their spotted markings varying from one leopard to another.”

Arabian leopards require large territories, mostly rugged mountain areas, in order to find enough food and water sources to survive. Traditional Arabian leopards hunt species such as the Arabian tahr or mountain gazelles  In some areas hunting and overgrazing have forced the leopards to hunt mammals.

Where can the Arabian leopard still be found?

The Arabian Leopard used to be  common throughout the Arabian Peninsula. However, only a small scattered Arabian leopard population now remains. Some can be found in the Negev Desert in the north of the Arabian peninsula. In the south they can be found in one location in the Republic of Yemen and one in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Arabian leopard is classified as Critically Endangered. According to official estimates there are no more than 250 mature individuals. The numbers are declining with a tendency towards extinction.

Fortunately, the leopard’s situation is more hopeful in Oman than in Yemen. Leopards of the Dhofar Mountains are benefiting from comprehensive conservation measures.

There is also an interesting article about the Arabian leopard in the Independent newspaper. Press here to go to the article.


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