Arabic Proverbs relating to animals


• He who takes a donkey up a minaret must bring it down.

• Better a thousand dogs barking for you than one barking at you.

• Hold on to a dog’s tail until you have crossed the river.

• The clouds are not harmed by barking of dogs.

• Better a stray dog than a caged lion.

• When a cat and rat join forces, the country is destroyed.

• A gazelle needs no ornaments to be beautiful.

• Ask the price of a fish before it has been caught.

• The bedbug has a hundred children and says “How few”.

• The dung- beetle seeing its child on the wall, thinks it sees a pearl on a thread.

• Money begets money, lice beget lice.

• A slaughtered sheep does not suffer when one removes its skin.

• It is better to herd cattle than to rule men.

• A bird in the hand is worth two on a wing.

• The bull protects his nose with his horns.

• A lion’s den never lacks bones.








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