Recently whilst in Morocco, I was sitting in a hotel lobby and on the wall behind me was a framed photograph of a piece of Arabic geometric tiling. It was beautiful and for some reason I thought it would make a nice phone background image. Then, by good luck, a few days later, we were in the grounds of the Hasan II Mosque in Casablanca when I noticed the stunning tiling on the walls outside. I took a photograph and added this as the lock screen for my phone. Framed by the white border of my Sony phone, it looks stylish and intriguing.

(Click to open full size image in a new tab for downloading)

Home screen wallpaper

For my phone home screen, I have used the background of a wooden door from Oman. The soft and dark colouring ensures that the app icons are clearly visible above the background and the text is easily readable. Again, the mix of natural materials, geometric patterns and simplicity means that the image works very well as a phone background.

(Click to open full size image in a new tab)

The above photo was taken by fine art photographer, Clive Gracey, who showcases his photography on his beautiful website here: Lesser spotted Oman. Definitely worth looking at.

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