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Arabic for Beginners

All the following courses in one subscription!

Level A1 – Complete Beginner

  • The Arabic Alphabet – Learn to read and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet
  • Essential Arabic – Practise Arabic words with flashcards
  • Easy Arabic 1 – Learn how to meet and greet people, introduce yourself and others
  • Easy Arabic 2 – Learn how to order food and drinks, ask for and pay the bill
  • First Steps Arabic – A short transition course to form a bridge to the A2 programme

Level A2 – Beginner to Intermediate

  • Hayya Bina! – A fully interactive course of Arabic leading to Level A2
  • Arabic Grammar Explorer – Learn about important topics in Arabic grammar
  • Arabic Conversation Practice – Practise speaking with interactive role plays
  • Word Trainer Arabic – Practise and consolidate vocabulary for a wide range of topics
  • The Root and Pattern System – Learn about this very important feature of the Arabic language

Bonus programmes

  • A Guide to Writing Arabic – Download this workbook to practise handwriting
  • Audio downloads – Listen to and practise the dialogues from the main course
  • Worksheets – Practise handwriting
  • Glossary of important words and phrases
  • Study Plans – Use these to organise and structure your learning time

On completion of the programme you will have achieved Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework). This corresponds to the US State Department Levels 1 and 2.

See full details of the programme.

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Smartphone, tablet or PC?

Subscribers to Arabic For Beginners programme have access to a number of courses that work well on a smartphone, tablet or mobile device and enable users to use their time productively even when they are ‘on the go’. However, we strongly recommend that the main Arabic course, Hayya Bina, and the bonus courses should be done on a laptop or PC to get the best experience of the content on the screen.

For more information read this article here about using a smartphone.


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What’s included when you subscribe?

Level A1 Complete Beginners

Essential Arabic

Practise Arabic useful phrases and useful Arabic words with these flash cards.

  • Listen to each word.
  • Look at the Arabic word.
  • Practise speaking the word.
  • Turn the card and learn the translation.

Easy Arabic

This series of short learning modules builds on the Essential Arabic Flashcards. Easy Arabic is a perfect way to get started.

  • Practise how to introduce yourself,
  • Introduce others (formally and informally),
  • Greet someone and ask what someone’s name is,
  • Ask where they come from and say goodbye.

Practise with mini-dialogues and interactive exercises. Listen and record your own voice. Test yourself at the end of each module.

The root and Pattern System

The Root and Pattern System is a key element of the Arabic language. This Arabic grammar course will introduce you to and guide you through the fundamentals of this system and show you how words such Islam, Muslim, salaam are all related.

By learning about this system, you will have a better understanding of the way the language works..

First Steps Arabic

This short course (20 hours) forms a bridge between Level A1 and the main A2 programme. The course builds on Easy Arabic and is an ideal preparation for the main Arabic course, Hayya Bina.

Topics include:

  • Visiting an Arab home and meeting an Arab host
  • Vocabulary related to family and home
  • An introduction to Arabic script
  • Introduction to Arabic sounds and pronunciation

Level A2 Beginners to Intermediate

Hayya bina! – Let’s Go

This is the core programme. With over 100 hours of study, the course contains

  • 15 interactive units with audio dialogues covering typical everyday situations
  • Options to study with Arabic script or with Western script (transliteration)
  • Extensive vocabulary practice
  • An introduction to reading Arabic script and understanding the Arabic alphabet
  • A wide variety of language activities with role plays with voice recording
  • Language and grammar notes
  • Cultural notes including advice on what to do and what not to do

Click here to see the table of contents and the complete syllabus, opens in a new window.

Arabic Grammar Explorer

Study some of the basic topics of Arabic grammar in this interactive, online grammar. Topics include:

  • how to express ‘be’ in the present, past and future
  • how to express ‘have’ in the present, past and future
  • how to say that you can or you are able to do something 
  • how to say that you must, want to or would like to do something

Arabic Conversation Practice

Improve your conversational skills with these interactive role plays. Implementing a new and innovative concept, which is simple but effective, the program has been designed to help you practise and improve conversational skills in typical everyday situations which you would expect to encounter in the Arab world, such as ordering food, asking for the bill, shopping and inviting a guest to dinner, etc.

It complements and consolidates what you learn in the core Arabic program.

  • 17 modules, each with over sixteen steps of content
  • Model dialogues for a whole range of everyday situations
  • Activities and exercises to consolidate and master key words and phrases
  • Role play activities with voice recording to practise new words and phrases in different situations

Word Trainer Arabic

More than just a list of words, Word Trainer Arabic will help you to improve your vocabulary and master some of the most common everyday words which you would typically expect to encounter in everyday situations in the Arab world. It counteracts traditional ‘rote learning’ by carefully guiding you through a comprehensive and thorough learning process to ensure that you learn and practise the sounds, pronunciation, meaning and spelling of each word correctly.Includes:

  • 26 modules, each with over sixteen steps of content
  • 156 words from a whole range of everyday situations
  • Clear audio with native speakers
  • Engaging exercises and activities to practise and consolidate key words
  • Voice recording function to practise pronunciation
Downloads and support material

A Guide to Writing Arabic

This handy and comprehensive workbook is the perfect partner to the ArabicOnline course. It carefully guides you through each letter of the Arabic alphabet with plenty of opportunities for practice the letters – in isolation AND in words.If you are learning Arabic writing for the first time, then this is for you! Ideal for beginners.“A Guide to Writing Arabic” is available as an eBook as part of the subscription for instant download and self-printing.

A Guide to Writing Arabic


Download and print out a wide range of worksheets to practise writing key vocabulary from the ArabicOnline course.

  • First trace over the words in Arabic
  • Then write the words without any help on the lines.

Audio dialogues

Download and listen to all the dialogues from the Arabic course as mp3 files with relaxing background music and spoken English translations. They are ideal for consolidating what you have learnt in the online course.

The relaxing background music has been especially composed by “Avicenna” with the aim of relaxing the brain whilst listening to the dialogues. Spoken English translations have been added after each Arabic sentence.


The glossary contains the key words and phrases frok the complete Arabic course.

It can be used to practise and consolidate your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary.

The glossary is organised in such a way that key words and phrases from each unit of the Arabic course are listed in Arabic script and in transliteration (western script) with their English translations.

Manage your learning

Study Plans

Before you start the Arabic lessons, download and read the Learning Guide. The Learning Guide will help you to organise your learning experience and plan the necessary time.
Before you start each unit, download the Study Plan for that unit. The Study Plan gives a detailed breakdown how much time to spend in each learning session, which tasks to do in which order. The Study Plans and the tasks in the interface guide you through a well-organised and completely integrated learning experience. We recommend that you study unit 1 exactly as described. You can then follow the same process for each of the following units.
The Learning Diary allows you to keep track of your progress.


Key features

  • Full one-year subscription offers great value for money
  • A wide range of eLearning programmes to suit all abilities
  • Online grammar of Basic Arabic
  • Extensive support materials and downloads
  • Additional benefits such as Study Plans, Guide to Writing Arabic, worksheets

The Arabic For Beginners subscription recognises that as a language learner you can achieve a lot from a self-guided programme, but to reach full potential you also need support and guidance. By providing attractive and motivating courses and dedicated support materials, we can prove that learning Arabic is an attainable goal for everyone.


“I highly recommend ArabicOnline as it is the most comprehensive and the most accessible web resource for Arabic language learning that I have come across.”

Samah Naga, Head of Arabic at Oundle School

Why choose ArabicOnline?

By providing attractive and motivating courses and dedicated support materials we can prove that learning Arabic is an attainable goal for everyone.

Carl Taylor, Director of ArabicOnline

  • Arabic Online is one of the most comprehensive courses of Modern Standard Arabic on the web and in the app stores.
  • A user-friendly, learner-oriented and clearly organised interface.
  • Uses ‘discovery techniques’. Learners explore the language and are active participants in the learning process.
  • Arabic Online dispels the myth that Arabic is a difficult language to learn.
  • With the Arabic for Beginners programme users can study with Western script (transliteration), with Arabic script, or with both.
  • ArabicOnline is suitable for all types of learners, regardless of their educational background.


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