Ramadan is over

Ramadan is over (26.05.-24.06.2017). For one month Muslims have fasted worldwide, that is, they have neither eaten nor drunk nor smoked or done anything that pleases their body. They fasted from sunrise to sunset.

“Feast of breaking the fast” (eid al-fitr)

Yesterday (25.06.2017) the “feast of breaking the fast” (eid al-fitr) started in Europe.
The highlight of this festival is the first day, which starts with the sighting of the new moon. On this day, fasting is forbidden. Muslim go to pray or pray at home. Probably the most important prayer is the sunrise of the first feast day. For this prayer Muslims go to a large mosque, a public prayer place or pray at home. Many Muslims wear particularly beautiful and / or new clothes.
After prayer, the faithful go home, but not without congratulating each other. The most common greeting is “Eid mubaarak” (blessed feast) or “kull 3am wa antum bikhair” (Congratulations).

A big family event

The preparations for the festival are usually already starting during the last days of Ramadan. Sweets and other specialties are often bought or made at home and then eaten or given away on the first holiday. The feast is usually celebrated in the family circle. Every Muslim who is able to go home spends the last days of Ramadan and the feast eid al-fitr with his or her family.
It is the duty of every devout Muslim to pay a kind of tax, a zakaat. Muslims have till the first morning of the festival to pay this zakaat. Faithful Muslims can cleanse themselves of their sins, and the zakaat is mostly benefiting poor people.
Actually, this festival is a holiday for Muslims, but in Europe it is up the discretion of the employer or headmaster to release Muslims.

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