Frequently asked questions

How do I subscribe?

Once you have decided which option you would prefer, press the ‘Buy now’ button. This will take you through to the payment process. We use a secure payment gateway. We do not collect or hold credit card details on our website. After you have  paid, you will receive a confirmation email from 2Checkout with an activation code.

How do I get an activation code?

An activation code is sent automatically by email by the payment gateway, 2Checkout. You then need to register on the website and enter the activation code. Once this is completed, you can log in and start learning. You can, of course, register first before you make a payment. The two are independent.

I didn’t receive my activation code.

Firstly, check your spam folder to see if the email with the activation code has not landed there. If you did not receive the email or have any difficulties in registering, please get in touch with us via the contact page on our website.

How long does the subscription last?

The subscription is one payment for one year. The subscription is effective immediately from the day you activate your account with your personal licence key. 

Do you automatically renew the subscription?

No, we don’t automatically renew subscriptions. At the end of there subscription period you will receive an email from 2Checkout, notifying you that the subscription period is coming to an end. You have the option renew the subscription yourself and receive a discount (up to 50%). However, if you do nothing, the subscription will stop.

Can I receive a certificate?

If you subscribe to our Premium Programme, you will be able to take tests for a range of levels from A1 to B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). You will also receive digital badges to accompany these tests. The tests and certificates are not available in our other programmes.

Arabic Premium

What do I do if the resume button doesn’t work?

As a matter of policy we do not collect user data or use data for marketing purposes. However, if you wish to use the resume button in the interface, you need to allow cookies for our site, as the resume button function needs to record your last activity and return you to that point at the next session. If you do not wish to allow cookies, you can navigate easily through the course via the interactive table of contents.

What dialect is the course based on?

ArabicOnline does not use a specific dialect, such as Egyptian Arabic. It uses Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is used and understood in all Arab countries.

Can I study with a smartphone?

Some content has been designed to use on a smartphone, iPad or Android tablet. In the Beginner to Intermediate Programme Easy Arabic, Essential Arabic and Arabic Grammar Explorer are mobile responsive. In the Advanced Programme, the Advanced Course and Grammar Explorer Intermediate are mobile responsive.

Can you learn Arabic with a smartphone?

Why are not all the Arabic courses available on a smartphone?

The answer is simple. Content developed for a smartphone is usually referred to as ‘micro content’. That means only a small amount of content is visible and studied. With Arabic Online our main Arabic courses use complex interactions, adopt a more holistic approach and use longer texts and dialogues. All this requires larger screen sizes. 

Do you offer different course levels?

The Beginners to Intermediate Programme covers all levels from absolute beginner to intermediate. The Advanced Programme covers the levels from intermediate to advanced. It is ideal for those who have studied Arabic and are able to read and work with complex Arabic texts. The Premium Programme provides access to ALL our courses covering all levels.

Can I learn Arabic grammar?

Every unit of our Complete Arabic Programme for Beginners and our Intermediate Arabic course contains a dedicated section on Arabic grammar. Altogether, the Beginners course covers the core basic topics of Arabic grammar. In addition, as a subscriber you will have access to Arabic Grammar Explorer, an interactive online grammar of Arabic. This programme brings together important grammatical topics, such as how to express ‘be’ in Arabic, what are the equivalents of ‘can’, ‘must’, ‘allowed to’. The version in the Beginners Programme uses transliteration (western script). The version in the Advanced Programme uses Arabiuc script only.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Our Complete Arabic Beginners course has 15 units, which provide over 200 hours of study. Additionally, there are bonus programmes such as Easy Arabic, Arabic Grammar Explorer, Word Trainer Arabic, Arabic Conversation Practice.

Can I learn to read and write Arabic script?

The Beginners Programme helps you to learn and use the Arabic alphabet. Each unit has a section, Getting to know Arabic script. There are also worksheets to practise writing and you can download an ebook, A Guide to Writing Arabic.

Can I complete the course in one month if done intensively?

This is a common question and depends largely on what is understood by ‘complete’. You could certainly ‘click’ through in a month. Even if you studied a number of hours everyday, it is highly unlikely that you can assimilate all the language, process it and learn it properly. We, therefore, do not recommend this approach.

Do you offer any online help?

We do not offer online tuition. Our programmes are designed for self-study. However, we do provide technical support if you experience difficulties with the programmes or subscription. You can contact us via the website.

Do you offer additional resource materials?

Yes, if you have subscribed for the annual membership, you will find under My Arabic two additional programmes (Word Trainer Arabic, Arabic Conversation Practice), a glossary of important words and phrases, an eBook (Guide to Writing Arabic), handwriting worksheets, audio files and study plans.

Can I receive private tuition?

Yes. Contact us to let us know what you would like in terms of number of hours and when is convenient for you. We c an arrange for online tuition with reliable, trained tutors.

Do you offer scholarships?

At present, no. Please consult your school, university or company if you wish to be funded. We offer discounts to groups of learners.

Can the course be tailored for corporate use?

Yes, absolutely. We can provide website customisation, integrated LMS, administrator functions, assessment tests and other features such as tracking user progress. Let us know what you require and we will be more than happy to discuss the options available. For more information, please see the ‘Corporate Arabic eLearning’ page.

Can this course by used by a school, college, university or training centre?

Yes. A good starting point would be to let us know how many students will be accessing the course so that we can offer you the best annual subscription fee possible. You will then receive the complete package, technical support, updates and any new resources as they are developed. Together with the British Council we have developed a free introductory course of Arabic for schools.

Can I submit a guest blog article for the ArabicOnline blog

If the content is relevant, then please send your suggestions via the ‘Contact’ page. We are particularly interested in content related to travel, history and business. Our website is visited by thousands of learners everyday, so any content will be appreciated, shared and ranked highly on search engines.

Can I advertise my business?

No. We aim to keep ArabicOnline.Eu free from distractions, so our policy is no advertising.