Heat-related deaths

A recent new study has found that heatwaves are causing the deaths of thousands of people worldwide every year.

More than 70 scientists conducted the largest study to date that considered the health risks of rising heat exposure. The study analyzed data of death rates and temperatures in 732 areas in 43 countries over the past 28 years and used computer models to work out the proportion of heat-related deaths that were due to the impact of Carbon emissions.

According to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine only a small proportion of those that died would have had heatstroke mentioned on their death certificate. Higher temperatures increased the risk of people succumbing to heart and lung diseases and other illnesses.

In the UAE, local health experts have also warned about heat-related deaths and illnesses such as heat stroke as temperatures soar.


Heatstroke is a type of severe heat illness that results in a body temperature greater than 40°C. Other symptoms include red skin, headache and dizziness. The start of heatstroke can be sudden or gradual.

Susceptible groups: athletes, construction workers, firefighters and soldiers 

There is a risk of heatstroke when working or performing intense activities or workouts in very hot climate. Susceptible groups are athletes, construction workers, firefighters and soldiers. These vulnerable groups should be protected from the risk of heatstroke by educating them about the methods through which the human body regulates heat and diseases related to heat.

Prevention methods and risk factors

It is also important to educate such groups about prevention methods from heat-related disease, in addition to treatment and prevention in case heat-related complications do occur. Some of the risk factors that predispose to exertional heat illnesses include lack of physical fitness and acclimatization, obesity, alcohol consumption and dehydration, some medication and dysfunctional sweat glands.

based on an article from ALARABIYA

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