The following article was sent to us by two women, who have been studying with together and found an interesting way to continue even though lockdown.

Studying Arabic together – apart

We’ve both lived in the Middle East and both fell in love with the language. Fell in love with it, but could neither speak nor understand it.

Maria found this online course,, and I used to drop in on Sunday mornings so we could study together. Then came lockdown – what could we do? We found it was perfectly possible to continue.

Learning together in a socially distanced Manner

We sat in our own houses and each pulled up the chosen lesson, speaking on the phone. We listened to the dialogues, role-played the parts then swapped characters. Next we’d do the exercises, sharing when the format allowed or just matching words and pictures before moving on.

Benefits of doing it together

It’s been so much fun. We’ve both taught languages for a living and there’s a certain frisson as we’re quite competitive; also I have to keep reminding myself I am not her teacher and that I mustn’t patronise her.

The Way it worked out

We planned to have a session every other day, thinking it would give structure to our weeks during lockdown, but the time has proved extremely busy for both of us. Instead of all our normal activities being cancelled, they have moved online – we are in a mad world of zoom meetings and webinars and we have to snatch our Arabic sessions where we can.

Having a buddy keeps you at it

Currently we make it about twice a week. And because we have a “date”, we do make it and don’t put it off till we have more leisure. So it’s like having a gym buddy.

Now we are at the end of our first year and we’re still friends. And we certainly don’t want to stop.

Intermediate Arabic? Hayya binna!

Sharen Green

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