A review of ArabicOnline as featured in the Summer edition of Independent Schools Modern Languages Association.

By Samah Naga, Head of Arabic at Oundle School.

ArabicOnline is a new web resource available for Arabic learners regardless of their educational background. The website is user friendly with excellent interactive exercises. ArabicOnline can be used to study Arabic independently thanks to the use of Western script (transliteration), with Arabic script. The website also provides recording facilities enabling the learner to records themselves and compare their word pronunciation with the original speakers in order to achieve a high standard of accuracy. ArabicOnline is a great tool for teachers and can be used to consolidate and revise topics taught in class. It is certainly a very comprehensive resource designed with both the teacher and the learner in mind. I personally think that the website is easily accessible and certainly makes the Arabic language easy to learn. Subscribers will receive full guidance not only on how to use the course but also on how to organise their time and plan their learning diary.

In its learning approach, ArabicOnline is not simply a collection of lessons and modules that merely focus on the linguistic side of Arabic, the course goes beyond that providing rich cultural information that enables the learner to understand the way of life and customs of the Arab World. In fact, the course is established in an Arabic setting making the division between Arabic language and way of life almost non-existent. By subscribing to this course the learner is guaranteed a complete learning language experience.

ArabicOnline is the most up-to-date Arabic web resource. The course is available in the form of an iPad app which can be downloaded for a small fee. It is worth mentioning that the Entry level of the course is downloadable completely free of charge.

I highly recommend ArabicOnline as it is most comprehensive and the most accessible web resource for Arabic language learning that I have come across. My 4th and 5th form classes would definitely benefit using this excellent resource.

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