Lonely learning

If you want to learn Arabic at home or as part of a self-studs programme, this can be quite challenging. Nobody is there to help you. This experience is often called ‘lonely learning’. The question arises, how can I learn Arabic alone and without a teacher? Books that you can buy are often complicated and have no opportunity for oral practise (speaking practise) and they are not for everyone. So the hope is to study Arabic via the internet, as courses may be more ‘interactive’. Here you will find a lot of materials for advanced Arabic or for people who already know the Arabic script, but few well-organised courses for beginners.

Learning  Arabic as a foreign language

For absolute beginners of Arabic who want to learn the language and the script there are courses online, but these are often of a religious nature. Not that I have anything against religion, but learning a language, including Arabic, should be free of religion. This does not mean that one should avoid religious expressions, which are very important to the Arabic language, but the course should focus on learning to speak and communicate in the language and helping you to understand Arab culture, including the importance of religion in everyday life.

So if you want to learn Arabic online and you want to focus on learning to communicate in Arabic, you should take a look at ArabicOnline.Eu.  Here the focus is on learning Arabic as a foreign language. Furthermore, Arabic Online is organised in such a way that any learner who has studied a foreign language (French, Spanish, German, etc) will recognise all the components and lesson structures (language acquisition, vocabulary practice, grammar study, exercises, intercultural information).

One of the major hurdles for learners who use western or Latin alphabets is the Arabic script.

With Arabiconline.eu you have the option to learn Arabic using transliteration (western script) if you don’t wish to read extensively and you only wish to practise listening and speaking in Arabic. However, if you want to learn the language with Arabic script, you will not be disappointed with this course either. Each lesson has the same content in both transliteration and Arabic script. The course lets  learners choose how they wants to learn.

The Arabic Online course shows that you can learn Arabic as a “normal” foreign language.

Just have a look at the website and challenge yourself to learn Arabic. Enjoy it and have fun.

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