‘Here you are ‘ and ‘please’ in Arabic

min faDlak (please) and tafaDDal (Here you are.)

These two words are absolutely essential when it comes to being polite in the Arabic language,

You will hear min faDlak when someone asks for something or when ordering food in a restaurant, for example.

You willl hear tafaDDal when someone offers you something or wants to invite somebody to do something. Always observe the hand gesture that is used with the word as it will indicate what exactly is meant.

For example, take tafaDDal

– a gesture pointing to a chair would be, ‘Sit down, please.’

– a gesture signalling you to follow would mean, ‘Please follow me.’

– a gesture pointing to the table would mean, ‘Please join us for our meal.’


Inquiring about somebody’s health in Arabic

khairan in shaa’ allah. (I hope that everything is well with you.)

You can use this phrase to ask how somebody is or inquire how their health is. Notice the reference to God, as it is God who keeps you in good health.

A good way to reply to this is to say:

ana bikhair. (I am fine.)

If you meet somebody who is ill and you want to express your sympathy and wish them a speedy recovery, you can use the following phrase.

salaamtak / salaamtik (Get well soon.)

The sick person may respond with the following reply.

allah yu3Teek al-3aafiya. (May God give you health.)

You use this phrase to express your thanks and to wish somebody a long life.

If you wish to ask for a favour or make a request, you can use this phrase as polite introduction before you make your request.


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