majlis  المجلس,  is an Arabic term meaning “sitting room”

Nestled at the heart of Arabian culture and hospitality lies the Arabian majlis  – a space that transcends mere architecture and serves as a sanctuary for communal bonding and tradition. This culturally significant room has deep-rooted historical significance. It has acted for centuries as a place for people to gather, converse, and share stories.

The majlis often characterised by its opulent yet welcoming atmosphere, draws inspiration from the region’s rich history and nomadic lifestyle. Traditionally adorned with intricate carpets, plush cushions, and ornate tapestries, the majlis  exudes warmth and luxury. The room’s layout encourages face-to-face interactions, reflecting the cultural emphasis on personal connections and meaningful conversations.

Arabian Hospitality 

Hospitality is at the core of Arabian values, and the majlis exemplifies this by providing a space where both friends and strangers are treated with equal warmth. Guests are welcomed with open arms and offered refreshments, symbolizing the deep-rooted customs of sharing and generosity. The act of hosting in a majlis is not just an event; it’s a ritual that showcases the host’s respect and reverence for their guests. Guest should always remember to leave their shoes outside before they enter the majlis.

Resolving of disputes

In addition to its social importance, the majlis has also served as a setting for important discussions and decisions within families and communities. Elders often gather in this room to share wisdom, resolve disputes, and make collective choices, highlighting its role as a center of guidance and tradition.

The majlis has not remained stagnant in the face of modernity. While its fundamental values endure, contemporary design elements and conveniences have found their way into these spaces. Traditional decor now mingles harmoniously with modern furniture and technology, ensuring that the Majilis  remains relevant while retaining its essence.

As time moves forward, this cherished space continues to evolve, weaving the tapestry of the past into the fabric of the future.

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