Session Progress:


Meeting new friends

One afternoon Emily and her cousin Noor meet some school friends of Noor who want to find out more about the new guest.

Session objectives

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself and ask how someone is
  • Say what your name is and where you are from
  • Say where you learn Arabic

90 minutes (2 x 45 minutes)



Sameer: marHaban. kayf Haalik?

Hello! How are you?

Emily: marHaban bika. ana bikhair, shukran. ismee Emily. ma ismak?

Hello. I’m fine, thanks. My name is Emily. What is your name?

Sameer: ismee Sameer. min ayna anti?

My name is Sameer. Where are you from?

Emily: ana min breeTaaneeaa.

I’m from Britain.

Sameer: tatakallameen al-lugha al-3arabiyya jayyidan!

You speak Arabic well!

Emily: shukran. ata3allam al-lugha al-3arabiyya fi-l-madrasa.

Thank you. I learn Arabic at school.

Noor: na3am. al-lugha al-3arabiyya mumtaaza.

Yes. The Arabic language is awesome.

Listen. Drag the words (1)


Listen. Drag the words (2)


Choose the translation




Listen, record, compare (1)

marHaban. kayf Haalik?


marHaban bika. ana bikhair, shukran. ismee Emily. ma ismak?


Listen, record, compare (2)

ismee Sameer. min ayna anti?


ana min breeTaaneeaa.


Listen, record, compare (3)

tatakallameen al-lugha al-3arabiyya jayyidan!


shukran. ata3allam al-lugha al-3arabiyya fi-l-madrasa.


 na3am. al-lugha al-3arabiyya mumtaaza.


Practise speaking

Say the following sentences in Arabic without pausing.  Compare your recording with the model answer.


My name is Emily.
I’m from Britain.
I learn Arabic at school.
The Arabic language is awesome.
Thank you.


  • Can you now confidently introduce yourself in Arabic?
  • Can you say where you are from? 
  • Can you say where you learn Arabic?

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