We are often asked if it is possible to learn Arabic on an iPad with Arabic Online. The answer is yes. You only need to follow these simple steps.

1. Download and install the Puffin browser.

The Puffin Browser is a mobile browser which has been developed for smartphones, iPads and tablets. (See the main image above). Puffin Lite is a good option to start with, and it is free to download.

Why do we recommend this browser? Some of our courses require the Flash player, and it is well known that Apple and Google do not support the Flash Player. Furthermore, browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox force you to manually activate the Flash Player or adjust the browser settings to allow the Flash Player. However, with the Puffin browser the Flash Player is already pre-installed. This means that you do not need to activate the Flash player  or adjust any settings to open the Arabic Online course interface. It opens automatically in the Puffin browser.

If you are using an iPhone, open settings in the top right corner of the browser and select or activate ‘Request desktop site’. (This step is not necessary on an iPad.) Please note: we do not recommend using only an iPhone as the Arabic course content is quite small on a smartphone. We appreciate that many people use different devices to access the internet and we recommend that you use a combination of smartphone, tablet and laptop/desktop computer. To see which courses can be done on a smartphone, see this article.

2. Log in to Arabic Online

If you have already purchased a subscription, go to arabiconline.eu and press ‘Log in’.

3. Go to My Arabic

Once you have logged in, press My Arabic at the top of the navigation bar and go to the My Arabic page overview.

If you have purchased the Beginner to Intermediate programme, then the courses in the first two columns will be active (First Steps Arabic and Beginners Arabic).

4. Press ‘Enter the course’

The interface for the Beginner to Intermediate course now opens but you can also see all the links and other content on the page.

5. Select Fullscreen

Tap on the interface in the top left column and a box will appear and inside the box you will see, “Fullscreen”. Press this box.

The Arabic interface now appears in full screen and no other content is visible. You can now access the course, exactly the same way as on a laptop or desktop computer.

To leave the full screen mode, press on the icon button at the bottom corner of the browser window. Then press exit.

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