Learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet

The Arabic alphabet is not as difficult as you might think. There are 28 letters. The majority of the letters have equivalents in the Latin alphabet.

Writing the Arabic alphabet

  • First download our free worksheet (PDF, 1.3MB) and print it out on plain A4 paper.
  • Then watch the video below.
  • Use a thick pen and write the Arabic letters over the examples on the printout.
  • When you feel confident, write the alphabet on a new piece of paper without help.

REMEMBER: left < to < right < goes < script < Arabic < The

TIP: Almost all letters are written with ‘clockwise motion’ of the pen.

Ideally, you want to achieve a fluid circular movement for the letters. It will take quite a few attempts but even if your current handwriting isn’t great, there is no reason why you cannot make the effort this time! If you practise writing the letters while at the same time listening to each of the sounds, you will soon master the alphabet.

Practise writing Arabic

The best way to practise writing Arabic is to use the workbook

A Guide to Writing Arabic
by Sara Hoffmeier and the ArabicOnline team

The eBook is part of the ArabicOnline subscription and can be downloaded and printed out.

Press here to find out more about this workbook and how to purchase a paperback copy.