Take your Arabic to the next level with our Advanced Arabic online course! We are very pleased to announce that our Advanced course is now live, online and ready!

We released the course at the end of July but in fact we developed the Advanced Arabic course some time ago. We simply didn’t publish it until we had redeveloped the entire ArabicOnline website.

So what is an advanced level? Generally, we say that learners should have done at least two years of Arabic prior to starting with the course. According to the CEF, the level would be the equivalent of Level B1, which for an learner of Arabic is quite advanced even if this isn’t advanced with other languages.

It’s fair to say that when one learns Arabic, it requires a bit more time and patience to reach an advanced level. It does not, however, mean that our advanced level is difficult. All the texts use clear language, useful vocabulary and appropriate grammar suited to this level and slightly higher. This ensures that the course remains sufficiently demanding to take you, the learner, to the next level.

The Advanced Arabic course deals mainly with texts – entirely in Arabic script. There is no transliteration for this course. Each text has a translation and audio so that you can check your understanding and refer to the dialogue.

The first two paragraphs from the opening unit:


As a general guide, you should be able to read the first text without too many problems. The first text eases you into the advanced course so it’s slightly easier than the rest. If you spend too long looking up basic words, then it will be worthwhile continuing (or refreshing yourself) with the beginners/intermediate course and then continuing.

Each Arabic text deals with a particular topic such going to a concert, registering for a university course or discussing an interesting aspect of Arabic culture. This means that you will be able to recycle the core language for your own everyday needs and to whichever setting you find yourself.

Personally, I have seen plenty of learner texts in Arabic (for a similar level) which deal with topics that are so irrelevant, bizarre and far-fetched, it’s beyond belief. Topics such as ‘cleanliness’ (النظافة) or ‘security’ (الأمن) which dealt with, unbelievably, about being mugged!

Needless to say, we hope that all our topics are at least somehow relevant to your life, presuming you live a fairly normal life.

There are twelve units in total, each with a text which, in terms of length, is just short of a page long. Embedded within this text is;
– the grammatical topic (for example verbs in the past tense
– key vocabulary related to the topic
– useful phrases in Arabic or key formulaic sentences.

The texts are then followed by a series of exercises which range from reading comprehension to grammatical analysis and active text production.

Done properly, each unit takes at least three to four hours to complete. It is also recommended that the content is revised after a few weeks.

The entire course is online. This content is already mobile optimised so it can be completed on a PC or on the mobile. We do recommend using a pen and paper for certain activities to practice writing the Arabic script.

Anyone interested in pursuing the advanced course should have a look at the Advanced Arabic overview page.

For any questions, feel free to speak to Neal at neal@arabiconline.eu


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