It is often said that Morocco is surrounded by three oceans: the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Sahara. As a result, this North African nation boasts a unique and wonderful culture which is reflected in the buzzing towns, welcoming customs and stunning architecture. And yet somehow, in all of these many aspects one can also spot the influences of Berber, Arab culture, Europe, Africa and Islam.

Ria Lewis recently went to Morocco ad brought back some of these picture together with a few notes from Morocco.


Taken in the evening from the top of the Kasbah overlooking the medina of Tangier. The crenellated walls of the old city are incredibly photogenic in any light, and they are a permanent reminder of Tangier’s place in both north African and European culture and history.



The Blue City of Chefchaouen, high in the Rif mountains, and a three hour drive from Tangier, is like stepping into another world. The blue-washed walls of the medina provide a cool refuge to the hot and weary travellers, especially on a Friday when the shops are shut and you can walk serenely through the town encountering men and boys on their way to and from Friday prayers.



A man walks home after Friday midday prayers in the Chefchaouen medina. The sound of the call to prayer in this small, beautiful town are loud enough to be heard throughout the valley!



White washing hung out to dry in the blue medina of Chefchaouen. The white sits beautifully in contrast to the baby blue walls.



Cinema Rif in Tangier. It is a cultural hub, showcasing films from across the Islamic and Francophone worlds. A relic right in the heart of Tangier’s largest square.



Inside the Ben Youssef Medersa in Marrakesh. Once a theological school, it is now a museum open to the public. The magnificently decorated coutryard belies the bare and solitary interior pupil’s chambers. It is a haunting place.



Inside the lush green courtyard of Marrakesh’s Bahia Palace. Built to house the concubines of Ahmed Ibn Moussa, the palace is highly elaborate and filler with intricate designs and architecture.



This photo was taken inside the Musée de Marrakech which was restored to its previous grandeur in the 20th century by Moroccan philanthropists. The architecture is superb and incredibly intricate.



Berber women selling their produce in Tangier. Every Thursday and Sunday they descend from the Rif mountains to sell their wares in the streetside stalls of the Tangier medina.The cost of the trip doesn’t leave them with much profit, but it remains a vital source of income for the women who cannot find a market for their produce in their home villages.



A keyhole doorway giving entry into the labyrinthine alleyways of the Tangier souqs.


Ria Lewis is a food security and livelihoods specialist, with FEG since 2014. Ria has worked in southern and Central Africa and in South Asia. She holds an MSc in Violence, Conflict, and Development and speaks English, French and Portuguese.

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