Here’s a list of some common Arabic cuisine words that are likely to be known by individuals familiar with Middle Eastern and North African foods:

Mezze (مزة): Assortment of small dishes served as appetizers.

Hummus (حمص): Chickpea-based dip.

Falafel (فلافل): Deep-fried chickpea or fava bean patties.

Shawarma (شاورما): Grilled and shaved meat, often served in a wrap.

Kebab (كباب): Grilled skewers of meat, usually marinated.

Tabbouleh (تبولة): Salad made with finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint, onion, and bulgur.

Baba Ganoush (بابا غنوج): Roasted eggplant dip.

Dolma (دولمة): Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, and herbs.

Labneh (لبنة): Strained yogurt, often served as a dip.

Fattoush (فتوش): Salad with mixed vegetables and pieces of toasted or fried bread.

Mansaf (منسف): Traditional Jordanian dish with lamb cooked in fermented yogurt.

Moutabal (متبل): Eggplant dip similar to baba ganoush.

Harira (حريرة): Traditional soup, often served during Ramadan.

Maklouba (مقلوبة): Upside-down rice and meat casserole.

Shakshuka (شكشوكة): Poached eggs in a spicy tomato and chili pepper sauce.

Kabsa (كبسة): Traditional Saudi Arabian rice dish with meat and vegetables.

Mujadara (مجدرة): Lentils and rice dish, often topped with caramelized onions.

Halva (حلوى,) fudge-like confection made with tahini (sesame seed paste), sugar, spices and nuts.

Kunafa (كنافة): Sweet pastry made of thin noodle-like pastry soaked in sugar syrup.

Baklava (بقلاوة): Sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey or syrup.

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