It may seem like a joke, but a Japanese automaker has recently introduced ‘Desert Camel Power’ – a new unit of measurement to determine how a vehicle will perform in typical desert off-road conditions.

They teamed up with National Geographic Abu Dhabi to demonstrate the seriousness of this new unit of measurement.

The company believes horsepower isn’t good enough any more to determine how well a vehicle can perform in off-road conditions.

‘Desert Camel Power’ uses a scientifically proven formula to determine, in a measurable and reproducible way, how a given vehicle will perform in typical desert off-road conditions.

As one engineer said: “Basically, we found that it comes down to the interplay between the vehicle’s weight, its velocity and its trajectory. Other factors including manoeuvrability, engine torque and of course the skill of the driver do come into play and cannot be discounted. However, if we standardise a vehicle’s approach speed and trajectory in a given environment we can time how quickly it travels a set distance and subsequently factor in its weight to work out its Desert Camel Power.”

To learn more about “Desert Camel Power” watch the video below.

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