Flash Player – software of choice

Like many software developers and publishers of elearning content, we used Adobe Flash Player for our main Arabic courses. There were many reasons for this decision. The Flash Player could be installed in every browser. It worked on every platform and every computer. It wasn’t necessary to create versions for Apple or Microsoft. The Flash Player also made many interactions possible, which allowed developers to create interesting and exciting courses.

However, the decision by Apple and Google to stop supporting the Flash Player confronted developers with a number of challenges the main one being to find software solutions that could create the same interactions and the same learning experiences.

Arabiconline.eu has been re-programmed – without the Flash-Player

The Flash Player will no longer be supported after the end of December 2020. This does not mean the end of Arabic Online courses that use the Flash Player. Over the past 12 months we have been preparing for this change and the new Arabiconline.eu version without Flash is now online. In a series of articles, which we will post here, we will explain what we have been doing in the background and how we have prepared our courses for the transition in January 2021.

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