Some facts about Arab teams in the World Cup

  • The first Arab team to play in a Word Cup was Egypt in 1934.
  • The first Arab team to register a win in a World Cup match was Tunisia in 1978 against Mexico (3-1).
  • The first Arab team to pass the group stage in a World Cup and qualify for the knockout stages was Morocco in 1986.
  • The first time more than three Arab teams played in a World Cup was in 2018 (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia).
  • First Arab official to referee a Word Cup Final was the Moroccan Said Belqola in 1998.
  • 2022 will be the first time for Qatar to play in a World Cup.

Here are the Arabic words for the players and people in a football team.

  English Transliteration Arabic

Team farīq



goalkeeper hāris marmā

حارس مرمى


right back zahīr ayman

ظهير أيمن


left back zahīr aysar

ظهير أيسر


centre back qalb difāˁ

قلب دفاع


centre back qalb difāˁ

قلب دفاع


midfielder wasaṭ maydān

وسط ميدان


right wing janāḥ ayman

جناح أيمن


midfielder wasaṭ maydān

وسط ميدان


striker qalb hujūm

قلب هجوم


play maker sāniˁ alˁāb

صانع ألعاب


left wing janāḥ aysar

جناح أيسر

manager mudarrib


referee hakam


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