I have often read George Friedman’s articles and books because they do offer interesting geo-political insights even though the analysis is often hawkish and contrary to my own Weltanschauung.

In one of his latest articles he posts some maps without too much commentary on the basis that if an image is worth a thousand words then a map is surely worth even more. This map of the Middle-East immediately caught my eye. In this map, Friedman explains that a politically incorrect but accurate map is more important then a politically correct and inaccurate map. This map illustrates the current boundaries according to who controls the land. He points out that four countries are now currently non-existent (Syria, the Yemen, Libya and Iraq). There are also some interesting additions to this map. We have long known about Kurdistan but Rojava is a name I had never heard of before. It appears that area is also Kurdish controlled.

Considering that the map is worth thousands of words, it has nonetheless left me speechless.

For further maps and the full article can be found here.

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