Traditionally Arabic courses are grammar-driven

Our research indicates that many existing courses for Arabic are descriptive, form-based and grammar-driven. Additionally, the teaching of Arabic is largely reliant on native Arabic speakers. These teachers often have a highly traditional, presentational approach to teaching. All this limits the learning of Arabic to a small group of learners who are capable of verbal abstract reasoning. It excludes learners who are not academically inclined. It also explains why so many learners drop out of Arabic courses.

Through pedagogical and technological innovation, makes the Arabic language available to a wider group of learners: The pedagogical approach is conducive to western / European learning styles and expectations. Individual autonomy and freedom in learning make learning attractive and motivating, even to inexperienced language learners.

The learner as an active participant

The pedagogical approach is based on needs identified by teachers at secondary and tertiary level. It is characterized by the element of interactivity. Learners are no longer ‘receptacles’ for knowledge but participants in the creation and/or discovery of what is to be learned. Their role is to contribute their knowledge and experience to the learning environment. This forces the learner to be an active participant in the learning process rather than a passive participant.

the developers of have harnessed the potential of the internet, innovated its direction, purpose and raison d’etre and adapted it to improve language learning and cultural understanding. Learners feel encouraged to communicate and share experiences – necessary for the acquisition of language competence – and vital to avoid ‘lonely learning’. Especially learners at risk of exclusion will recognize this springboard helping them to re-engage with learning.

The focus of is the learner. The aim of the Arabic Online courses is to ensure that learners succeed in learning Arabic, regardless of their academic or educational background. Arabic Online is for all and not the few.

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