Arabic language positions in the UK are in high demand and offer attractive salaries. There are not, however, enough fluent Arabic speakers.

According to research undertaken by Adzuna marketing company, Arabic remains a language in high demand in the UK with over a thousand current open positions.

Equally important, the report also found that positions requiring fluent Arabic speakers were amongst highest paying language-related jobs in the UK, second only to German.

As we have mentioned in earlier articles, Arabic remains a crucial language for politicial, strategic and economic reasons. The British Council recently found that, looking ahead, Arabic was the second most important language for the United Kingdom, second this time to Spanish.

Most language learning hours within UK schools, however, are currently directed towards French with Spanish and German accounting for smaller percentages. Few schools are able to offer other languages such as Arabic, despite their growing importance, due to lack of curriculum hours or skilled teaching staff.

For adult learners, extra-curricula support for languages such as Arabic are often only found in large city centres and drop rates rates remain extremely high.

The earlier this learning process can be started the better which is why we are partnering with the British Council to offer Arabic language learning materials and apps to UK schools to give school children the opportunity to learn languages particularly in school where this demand is needed and demanded but not currently offered.

ArabicOnline was originally co-funded with support from the European Commission to offer accessible language learning materials to European learners of all levels based on up-to-date pedagogical approaches.

We offer courses from beginners to advanced levels. We also offer free courses, downloads, videos and substantial information about Arabic and the Arabic culture. It is worth noting that to reach fluency in Arabic – indeed any language – does require a substantial investment of time and dedication.

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