Arabic Proverbs about Nature and Living


• Nature offers a balm for every sore.

• Hope without work is a tree without fruit.

• A rich man who is ungenerous is like a tree without fruit.

• You can’t carry two watermelons in one hand.

• It is not the cutting of the melon that cools the mouth.

• Fruit does not ripen at the touch of fingers.

• Climb like a cucumber, fall like an aubergine.

• Honour the date palm, for it is your aunt.

• The man who touches honey must lick his fingers.

• Wherever it grows, wheat always arrives at the millstone.

• That which bends does not break.

• Clothes that protect you from the cold will protect you from the heat.

• Generosity casts a long shadow.

• Opportunities pass like clouds.

• No water can wash away the destiny written on a man’s forehead.

• When your house falls in ruins, don’t weep for the broken pot.

• A house that receives no guests receives no angels.

• Do not suppose a man can cook just because you see him blowing on the fire.






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