In Arabic there is no verb that specifically expresses the concept “to have”. Instead, in the Arabic language, you take a preposition and add a personal ending. There are several variations to this way of expressing ‘have’, but the principle is always the same.

‘to have’ or ‘to own’ something as a general statement

This is formed by adding the preposition  3inda / عند (with) and a personal ending :

There is also another way to express possession: lahu / له

Transliteration Arabic Translation
3indee shanTa kabeera. عندي / لي شنطة كبيرة. I have a large bag.
hal 3indak nuquud? هل عندَك / لكَ نقود؟ Do you have (m.) money?
hal 3indik nuquud? هل عندِك / لكِ نقود؟ Do you have ((f.) money?
3indahu bayt Saqheer. عنده / له بيت صغير. He has a small house.
3indaha bayt Saqheer. عندها / لها بيت صغير. She has a small house.
3indana kalb kabeer. عندنا / لنا كلب كبير. We have a large dog.
hal 3indakum kutub katheera? هل عندكم / لكم كتب كثيرة؟ Do you (m. pl.) have many books?
hal 3indakunna kutub katheera? ها عندكن / لكن كتب كثيرة؟ Do you  (f. pl.) have many books?
3indahum madrasa al-yawm. عندهم / لهم مدرسة اليوم. They (m. pl.) have lessons (school) today.
3indahunna madrasa al-yawm. عندهن / لهن مدرسة اليوم. They  (f. pl.) have lessons (school) today.

to have (with you)

Transliteration Arabic Translation
ma3ee shanTa kabeera. معي شنطة كبيرة. II have a large bag with me.
hal ma3ak nuquud? هل معك نقود؟ Do you (m.) have any money with you?
hal ma3ik nuquud? هل معِك هقود؟ Do you (f.) have any money with you?
ma3ahu kalb. معه كلب. He has a large dog with him.
ma3aha kalb. معها كلب. She has a large dog with her.
ma3ana kitaab jameel. معنا كتاب جميل. We have a nice book with us.
hal ma3akum kutub katheera? هل معكم كتب كثيرة؟ Have you (m.) got many books with you?
hal ma3akunna kutub katheera? هل معكن كتب كثيرة؟ Have you (f.) many books with you?
ma3ahum aqlaam. معهم أقلام. They (m.) have pencils with them.
ma3ahunna aqlaam. معهن أقلام. They  (f.) have pencils with them.



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