Vegetarians have lots of choices 

Vegetarians going to Arab or Middle Eastern countries often fear that meat dishes will dominate the menu and they will have little choice of vegetarian meals. This is not true, as the Middle Eastern cuisine has at it heart, vegetables, grains and spices. In other words, a vegetarian dish can have as much flavour as a meat dish,

Here are some dishes that are favourites with vegetarians as well as meat eaters. And the good thing is that most of them are relatively easy to make.

  • Hummus (a dip made from blended chickpeas and tahini)
  • Falafel (deep-fried patties made of spiced chickpeas and fava beans) 
  • Mutabbal (a dip made from puréed aubergines with sesame paste)
  • Taboule (parsley salad with mint, tomatoes, onion and bulgur)
  • Foul (broad beans) cooked with garlic and lemon juice. 
  • Fatousch (salad with fried Lebanese bread)
  • Koshary the national dish of Egypt containing rice, lentils and macaroni noodles with spicy sauce.
  • Couscous This traditional North African dish can also be served as a vegetable stew. 
  • Muhammara (Syria) a spicy dish – consisting of walnuts, spicy peppers, breadcrumbs and olive oil 



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